James Campise-Coldspring Texas
I bought a quality puppy and took her to another trainer at age 6 months.  After a few weeks, I received a call to come pick her up. I was told she did not have the desire to become a hunting dog. Needless to say, I was devastated. A good friend of mine, recommended Jack to me. My dog is now 20 months old, and has a junior tittle. She has completed 2 passes at senior and will run for her senior tittle in 2 weeks. I have the uttermost respect for the quality training my dog has received with Jack. I will hunt with her this fall, then bring her back to obtain a master tittle. Not bad for a dog that would not make a hunting dog !!!!   Thanks Jack.
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Lee and Bill Hanes - North Carolina
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Jack has trained two dogs for us and we could not be happier with the results. We bought our youngest dog, Ray, from Jack when she was a seven week old pup. We sent her to Jack for full-time training when she was five months old. She obtained her Master Hunter title around her second birthday and qualified for the 2008 Master National that same year.

We live in North Carolina, and Jack regularly contacted us with status reports. Jack encouraged us to come out often and work with him. This allowed us to personally observe her progress as well as maintain a bond with her. Our visits also allowed us to observe Jack’s work ethic and training program. We saw the many different training grounds to which he has access – plenty of technical water, beautiful and differing Texas terrains. He provided live flyers every week. We also took advantage of his “summer trips” to Minnesota - more differing terrains and technical waters.

Jack also tries to “train” us, the amateur handlers – a formidable task. He is an excellent teacher and helps us understand why the dogs respond as they do. He also lets us know when there is “handler error” vs. the dog’s error.

If all goes according to plan, we hope to get another pup from him in 2010!
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Lee Telling - Texas
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I have known Jack Morris for over 30 years. When Jack landed in North Carolina and began his dog training career I was interested in getting a dog to run field trials. Jack assisted me in finding the perfect  pup and she has become a high performance dog in my opinion. My dog Jazz, under Jacks training made the National Derby List with a total of 21 points.

When Jack made the decision to return to his home state Texas to continue his business he began running hunt tests bringing Jazz through Junior Hunter to a Master Hunter(MH) in minimal time frame. Jazz has qualified twice for the Master National and is now all age qualified(QAA) in field trials.

Thank you Jack for your dedication in training  and the devotion you give to these athletes.

Lee Telling
Robert Rascoe - North Carolina
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Jack Morris has trained three Labradors for me from puppy stage to seasoned field retriever. Two of the three are All Aged Qualified (QAA) and AKC Master Hunters (MH). In addition, one of these two was on the National Derby list. Both dogs have qualified for the Master National and run in this event. The third dog was my first retriever bought from show stock. Because of Jack’s patience and training, he obtained his senior title. A truly remarkable outcome.

Jack presently has another of my dogs that is an AKC Master Hunter and Master National Qualifer. I would say to anyone, there is no better trainer anywhere than Jack. His knowledge of dogs and what needs to be done is extraordinary. He gives me advice whenever I seek it, and all my success in the hunt test and field trial game I owe to Jack Morris.

Best regards,
Robert Rascoe