So you want a Gun Dog?

Recently added a retriever puppy to the family and just don't know what all this AKC stuff is about? Do you just want your dog to pick up birds and be steady in the duck blind? You must be thinking of Stellar's Gun Dog training. This is a good place to start for new owners.

Stellar Retrievers can customize a training program based on your goals. Take time to look over the Retriever Training Overview. You will see that there is a lot more to a field retriever than picking up birds, and your goals may change.
Labrador Retrievers are amazing athletes that can be trained to handle everything you can throw at them in a crazy hunt. !

Increase your bag rate with a dog that will handle to wounded game that has fallen well out of the spread. Take time to consider the year round sport of AKC hunt tests. Think of the fun you and your dog can have even outside of hunting season. Then you'll realize that having an AKC Master Hunter is really what you want!