Flyer Good Friday-Indented Triples

Good Friday came with the Flyer Friday group greeted by a crisp North wind.  We set up an indented triple water series. The go bird landed at 160 yards, middle "short" bird at 140 yards with the gunner retired, and the last mark at 200 yards with a standout gun.  Stellar's Black Jack "Blackie" and Stellar's Sunny Ray picked it up clean but the rest of the truck and the amateur's dogs all found elements to train with this setup.

texas,retriever trainingPhotobucket

Two marks required crossing a wide point and the go bird was a swim past the same point.  Long exit lines from the tank to the marks gave the dogs plenty of time to declare their line.  It was a meaty setup for the big dogs and the freshman retrievers ran the marks over the point as singles!

Our afternoon land setup was another generalization of the indented concept. Go bird on the left at 110 yards, indented retired mark at 140 yards, and the flyer out at 180. The dogs all had a great time stomping this setup with the youngsters running the three marks as singles. As expected, many had a hard time resisting the siren song of the stand out flyer station and had to be called back or handled to the short retired bird. The weather stayed cool with a few sprinkles of rain. It was a great day!

Thanks to Bruce Bachert, Marty Thompson, and John Blackbird for helping out!