Idgie x Willie Puppy Update

I wanted to share a sweet snapshot of Idgie nursing the little pups and let everyone know that two little black dogs are spoken for already. As you can see, they are all good ol'black dogs, but they are tiny little packages at just over a week old. Check back with my blog to see future updates and photos as the puppies get to romping around.


Flyer Friday - Hip Pockets and Wipe Out Birds

The morning started out brisk in the low fifties and with the dog truck loaded, we made our way to Blackwater South to run a land setup and water singles. We agreed to run a tough morning setup involving a technical single thrown into a distant drainage slough and a hip pocket with the short flyer thrown as a "wipeout".

The wipeout bird on the hip pocket proved to be a tough task for most of the truck and the dogs gave all the handlers opportunity to teach. It was a great way to start the day and we then moved over to the technical pond to throw a water double with long exits to the marks. Once again, all the dogs were challenged on their line to the mark and this kept us all on our toes!

The morning light was so nice that I whipped out my camera and snapped a few photos. I threw together a gallery of today's land setup and some of the usual suspects working the marks. Photos of Blackie, Ranger, Mary Tatum's Bonnie, Leslie Vieau's Echo, and others can be viewed here:

Special thanks to Bruce Bachert and Sean Hale for throwing birds with us!

-Mike Meek-

Idgie Puppies have Arrived!

That's right! Nine little pups! Seven females and two males are now on the ground and Idgie is working hard to raise them right. Lots of nursing for these tiny little pups. Bred from Willie, the 2008 National Field Champion, we are excited to get these dogs up and running. If you would be interested in one of these finely bred dogs, give me a call.


Stellar Retrievers and the Big D HRC Double Master

I loaded up the truck and headed up to Dallas this weekend for the Big D HRC Double Master hunt test. Four dogs ran the event and we had a long weekend of retired marks and double blinds. Ribbons came home with Bonnie and Echo-both really great Chocolate Labs. On top of that, Echo, owned by Leslie Vieau, qualified for the Master National event with this Master pass, and so did Dr. Mary Tatum's Bonnie! Congrats go out to both owners for the great work from their dogs! In Junior, Chili pounded out two Junior passes to finish out his Junior Hunter title! All things told, it was a windy weekend with great results from the crew!