Minnesota's Iron Range Retriever Club Hunt Test

After an uneventful trip to our summer home and settling us and our team in, we jumped right back into our weekend games. On June 11th and 12th we ran Minnesota's Iron Range Retriever Club test. It was a challenging and fair test with good judges, fantastic weather and a nice visit with our northern friends.
Master passes go to:
Whiskey River XXIV owned by Greg Lohse. This was Whiskey's first master pass,look out title here we come!
Romeo's Sassy Cassie owned by Doug and Jennifer Lewis. Two more to qualify for master national.
The Bee Charmer "Idgie" ran a near perfect test, not cheating on a mark  in the second series that drew many dogs to the easy route.
We head to Central Minnesota this weekend for a double master and more good times.

Master National Kick Off!

Friday morning marked our first big Master National training day. Our group of handlers were assigned to Wizz's Pond on the Eckett property so off we went. Robert Rascoe, Marty Thompson, Linda Baily, John Blackbird and a sweet gal named Marty from Tennessee gathered to run their dogs on a deluxe version of Jack's Ye Ol' Steadying Drill.

That's right, the one where the wipeout flyer lands at the dog's feet after a long bird across technical water goes off! We all had a great time running a walkup single, the wipeout double run after a blind, and finally a great water blind across one point. Here are some pictures from this great day of training!

Leslie Vieau's "Echo" staked out after running the land water setup.

We are all very excited about the start of the event Sunday and some of the group may even run late Sunday afternoon. Most of the Stellar dogs will be running in the B flight on Monday morning so send all the good luck you can. Here is a link to check on the progress of the event.

Master National Website

I'll report more later,
Mike Meek

Oh, one last shot...Linda Baily handling her golden on the water blind.

The Summer Trip is ON!

With full truck of retrievers, trailer, and four wheeler, I said good bye to Central Texas and pushed off for Michigan this last week. We met up with Lee, Bill, and Robert in Arkansas to pickup Ray and Sky. These are two Stellar graduates that are coming North for tune up training in front of the Master National. After a nice dinner with these good friends, we all set out for our summer home and made it just about on time Wednesday. Training started on Friday and I have been making my Southern dog training friends jealous with reports of weather in the mid 60's during the day. I had forgotten how wonderful the weather is here and if would get dark before 9:30 at night, it really would be hog heaven!

I'll post test results as we gather them this summer. I am looking forward to getting a lot of great work volume done with weather that is better than what we enjoy most of the Fall and Spring in Texas. I love hearing from everybody so be sure to email me updates of how you are doing down in Texas where I know the blast furnace is getting cranked up!

Best regards,

Flyer Good Friday-Indented Triples

Good Friday came with the Flyer Friday group greeted by a crisp North wind.  We set up an indented triple water series. The go bird landed at 160 yards, middle "short" bird at 140 yards with the gunner retired, and the last mark at 200 yards with a standout gun.  Stellar's Black Jack "Blackie" and Stellar's Sunny Ray picked it up clean but the rest of the truck and the amateur's dogs all found elements to train with this setup.

texas,retriever trainingPhotobucket

Two marks required crossing a wide point and the go bird was a swim past the same point.  Long exit lines from the tank to the marks gave the dogs plenty of time to declare their line.  It was a meaty setup for the big dogs and the freshman retrievers ran the marks over the point as singles!

Our afternoon land setup was another generalization of the indented concept. Go bird on the left at 110 yards, indented retired mark at 140 yards, and the flyer out at 180. The dogs all had a great time stomping this setup with the youngsters running the three marks as singles. As expected, many had a hard time resisting the siren song of the stand out flyer station and had to be called back or handled to the short retired bird. The weather stayed cool with a few sprinkles of rain. It was a great day!

Thanks to Bruce Bachert, Marty Thompson, and John Blackbird for helping out!


Flyer Friday - Hip Pockets and Wipe Out Birds

The morning started out brisk in the low fifties and with the dog truck loaded, we made our way to Blackwater South to run a land setup and water singles. We agreed to run a tough morning setup involving a technical single thrown into a distant drainage slough and a hip pocket with the short flyer thrown as a "wipeout".

The wipeout bird on the hip pocket proved to be a tough task for most of the truck and the dogs gave all the handlers opportunity to teach. It was a great way to start the day and we then moved over to the technical pond to throw a water double with long exits to the marks. Once again, all the dogs were challenged on their line to the mark and this kept us all on our toes!

The morning light was so nice that I whipped out my camera and snapped a few photos. I threw together a gallery of today's land setup and some of the usual suspects working the marks. Photos of Blackie, Ranger, Mary Tatum's Bonnie, Leslie Vieau's Echo, and others can be viewed here:

Special thanks to Bruce Bachert and Sean Hale for throwing birds with us!

-Mike Meek-