Master National Kick Off!

Friday morning marked our first big Master National training day. Our group of handlers were assigned to Wizz's Pond on the Eckett property so off we went. Robert Rascoe, Marty Thompson, Linda Baily, John Blackbird and a sweet gal named Marty from Tennessee gathered to run their dogs on a deluxe version of Jack's Ye Ol' Steadying Drill.

That's right, the one where the wipeout flyer lands at the dog's feet after a long bird across technical water goes off! We all had a great time running a walkup single, the wipeout double run after a blind, and finally a great water blind across one point. Here are some pictures from this great day of training!

Leslie Vieau's "Echo" staked out after running the land water setup.

We are all very excited about the start of the event Sunday and some of the group may even run late Sunday afternoon. Most of the Stellar dogs will be running in the B flight on Monday morning so send all the good luck you can. Here is a link to check on the progress of the event.

Master National Website

I'll report more later,
Mike Meek

Oh, one last shot...Linda Baily handling her golden on the water blind.