Flyer Friday = Cold and Wet!

A hard, blue Northern front came through Thursday night and brought rain and a LOT of wind for Flyer Friday. Since it has been mild over the past two weeks, this found the group a little ill prepared for such a tough day for training. That being said, we loaded up and headed out to run a setup that reminded us of the River Runs Through It series of the 2009 Master National.

Our long bird was out about 200 yards through a rushing spillway from a large tank. All running water with lots of ups and downs along the way to throw the dog off the area. Two other control birds were placed tight up a hillside and we threw in a double blind to make sure we covered all training bases. Call it a "kitchen sink" setup!

The big dogs ran a double up the hill, long single, and then the blinds that made them handle either near an old fall or passing under the arc of one of the marks. Plenty of meat in this one!

Tim Buck ran his dog, Lori, and she smoked all of the test. The Stellar dogs all ran a strong set, and Mike Meek and Zoe even made it out to run with the big dogs. We had a great time, just wish we had all remembered gloves!
Winter/Spring training is underway and remember, amateurs are welcome on Fridays. Just give me a call and let me know you want to come out! See you next week!

Flyer Friday - Hip Pockets and Wipe Out Birds

The morning started out brisk in the low fifties and with the dog truck loaded, we made our way to Blackwater South to run a land setup and water singles. We agreed to run a tough morning setup involving a technical single thrown into a distant drainage slough and a hip pocket with the short flyer thrown as a "wipeout".

The wipeout bird on the hip pocket proved to be a tough task for most of the truck and the dogs gave all the handlers opportunity to teach. It was a great way to start the day and we then moved over to the technical pond to throw a water double with long exits to the marks. Once again, all the dogs were challenged on their line to the mark and this kept us all on our toes!

The morning light was so nice that I whipped out my camera and snapped a few photos. I threw together a gallery of today's land setup and some of the usual suspects working the marks. Photos of Blackie, Ranger, Mary Tatum's Bonnie, Leslie Vieau's Echo, and others can be viewed here:

Special thanks to Bruce Bachert and Sean Hale for throwing birds with us!

-Mike Meek-