Minnesota's Iron Range Retriever Club Hunt Test

After an uneventful trip to our summer home and settling us and our team in, we jumped right back into our weekend games. On June 11th and 12th we ran Minnesota's Iron Range Retriever Club test. It was a challenging and fair test with good judges, fantastic weather and a nice visit with our northern friends.
Master passes go to:
Whiskey River XXIV owned by Greg Lohse. This was Whiskey's first master pass,look out title here we come!
Romeo's Sassy Cassie owned by Doug and Jennifer Lewis. Two more to qualify for master national.
The Bee Charmer "Idgie" ran a near perfect test, not cheating on a mark  in the second series that drew many dogs to the easy route.
We head to Central Minnesota this weekend for a double master and more good times.