Videos from 2013 Master National

Icey's 3rd Series Blind:


Icey 3rd Series:
Chloe 1:

Chloe 2:
Idgie 3rd Series:

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"> Idgies 2:

Master National 2013

Wendy has been busy with the camera taking pictures and making movies. Check out what she sent for posting to the blog:

bill and lynn teagueIdgie and Jackwayne pattersonGang at lodgeStellar Party 3Stellar Party 1

Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club Results

Virginia, MN

Master dogs receiving ribbons:

Duke          owned by       Mike & Ty Davis
Jolie                                Bob Owens
Blackie now owned by      Wendy Wo

It was a Special weekend for TED owned by Nancy Niepart who earned his
 Master Hunter Title and Qualified for the 2013 Master National in Kansas this year. 
Go TED!!!

Senior dog receiving a ribbon:

 Arley owned by Steve Davis

Hope all is well with everyone. Going to get to 75' today!!!

Ted at the Central Minnesota Hunt Test

Central Minnesota Retriever Club!

Results for Madison Retriever Club HT on June 8-9th

Master passes:
Hi Mike, here is an update on the last 2 hunt tests plus photos.  Thanks for your continued help with our site. I will forward you pictures and video from my ipad.

Stellar Retrievers is having a fantastic summer in the U. P. Michigan. The weather is 70-80's and the dogs are all running like champs.  We have had 2 successful HT's with high passing numbers.  Heading to Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club this weekend. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for Deepwoods Spirit if the Wild, "Ted".  He needs one more pass to qualify for his first MN. He's only 2 1/2 years old!!!! Go Ted!!!!
  Deepwoods Spirit of the Wild, "Ted" owned by Nancy and Bob Neipert, did a great   job, check out the video.
  •   Stellar's Black Jack, Blackie.
  •   Stellar's High Water Madam, "Chloe", owned by Brian Gurrola. Chloe is a consistent 3 year old star on the team.
  • Lone Star Power Stroke Duke, owned by Mike Davis ran the entire test clean.
  • Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight, "Starr", owned by Bill and Lee Hanes, another nice pass to qualify her for the MN. Way to go Starr!!!
  • My Time to Shine, "Asta", owned by Wendy Wotasek, was glad to be back after having a litter of beautiful pups. I know because she told me so.
  • Tioga's Dottie Spot On, owned by Steve Davis, did a great job spitting out the birds for Jack on the line. Good girl.
  • Romeo Takes Jolie, owned by Bob Owens, earned her MN qualification.
  • Thanks to judges Robert Rascoe and Keith Maready for a very tough, challenging and truly a Master level test on all 3 series. 

    Results for Central Minnesota Retriever Club June 14-16
    Double Master

    Master  Passes Friday: 16 passes out of 46. Eight of which were on the Stellar team. Just BRAGGING.
    • Asta
    • Dottie
    • Duke
    • Blackie
    • Starr
    • Chloe
    • Ted
    • Rocky Hill's Icey Blue, owned by Bill and Judy Davis, earned her MN qualification. Phew, good girl Icey, now mom can relax lol. Kansa here we come!!!!!
    Senior passes :
    • Dottie's Oakpoint Arley Rose, owned by Steve Davis, made it look easy on both series.
    Master passes Saturday:
    • Jolie
    • Starr
    • Asta
    • Blackie
    • Chloe
    • Dottie
    • Icey
    • Duke
    We had a great weekend at Central Minnesota, getting to see our many northern friends including the Blackbirds, Tramontines, Schlichtings, and all the fun members of their club.  This really is one of the most organized and generous clubs we visit all year.  As a matter of fact they have a large raffle every year and this year Stellar's cleaned up winning many items including a new dogtra collar donated by Chad Sweep, thank you Chad!  We enjoyed the Saturday night steak fry and all the camaraderie.